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Motion for Summary Judgment Granted for Civil Engineering Firm in Catastrophic Physical Injury Lawsuit

February 21, 2014

Brent Meyer successfully obtained summary judgment for a civil engineering firm in a case involving an explosion. The plaintiff incurred severe burns and physical pain when his house exploded from a gas leak. The plaintiff claimed that the engineering firm was negligent in failing to perform its contractual duties and obligations and claimed millions of dollars in damages. Brent effectively argued that: (1) The engineering firm properly performed its contractual duties; (2) That no act by the firm caused the plaintiff’s injuries; and (3) That the firm did not have supervisory control over the other parties to the construction project and could not, therefore, be liable for their alleged negligence. The trial court agreed and granted summary judgment with respect to all of the plaintiff’s claims against the engineering firm.

For informational purposes only. Past success does not indicate the likelihood of success in future cases.