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Fraud Claims Arising from a Failed Assemblage and Townhome Development Defeated on Summary Judgment

April 7, 2009

John Rogers and Joe Kingma represented a law firm which had assisted in an attempted 100-acre assemblage along with a separate 150 unit townhome development. Both projects failed midstream when the real estate market turned, and there was a falling out among the investors who had funded the projects. A New York investor alleged he had been defrauded through a complex nest of entities. Several lawsuits ensued, and our client law firm was ultimately named as a third party defendant in federal court in Atlanta. The investor was represented by first one, and then another, high-profile firm. Although the investor showed his money had been misallocated, the recipient was in jail in NYC convicted of murder. John and Joe got summary judgment as to all the claims against the law firm, which included fraud, conversion, and conspiracy. The case remains ongoing as to other parties, and the ruling may be ultimately appealed.

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