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Big Win for Top 100 Accounting Firm Against Publicly Traded Company

April 12, 2017

Billy Newcomb and Joe Kingma defended the accounting firm and one of its CPAs against malpractice claims brought in a Florida court by a publicly traded company.  The Plaintiff alleged that the accounting firm negligently failed to detect and report an internal fraud which the Plaintiff claimed cost it over $10 million.  Six other defendants, including a top 10 accounting firm, settled with the Plaintiff at the outset of the case, leaving CCS’ clients as the sole defendants.  As part of their aggressive litigation plan to obtain an early favorable resolution for their clients, Billy and Joe filed a motion for summary judgment with their answer to the complaint.  At an early court-ordered mediation, the Plaintiff, perhaps a little too confident in its home court advantage, refused to lower its demand under $5 million.  Immediately after the mediation failed, the trial court granted summary judgment to CCS’ clients and dismissed all of the Plaintiff’s claims against them with prejudice.  The Plaintiff may appeal the Court’s ruling, but Billy and Joe are confident their clients’ total victory will stand.

For informational purposes only. Past success does not indicate the likelihood of success in future cases.