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Neurosurgeon Wins Med-Mal Lawsuit Over Patient’s Death After Surgery

November 21, 2014

Congratulations to Tom Carlock, Broderick Harrell and Eric Frisch on a recent defense verdict for a neurosurgeon which was covered by the Daily Report.

A neurosurgeon sued for medical malpractice in the 2004 death of a patient was cleared of liability by a Fulton County jury, which turned aside claims that he failed to act or order diagnostic tests quickly enough when complications developed in the hours following a cervical spinal-fusion surgery.

During pretrial motions, the defense managed to keep the jury from hearing evidence that Dr. Omar Jimenez’s hospital privileges were suspended less than two years after the death of 53-year-old Mark Kravitz and that Jimenez had been subject to eight other malpractice suits in Georgia and Nebraska before and after the incident, according to attorneys on both sides of the case.

Jimenez is represented by Carlock Copeland & Stair partners Tom Carlock, Broderick Harrell and Eric Frisch. Citing the possibility of an appeal, Frisch declined to go into much detail concerning the evidence and allegations against his client. But he said the involvement of WellStar Cobb Hospital—a co-defendant until it settled out of the case—was made known to the jury.

“The plaintiffs acknowledged that the nurses at WellStar were responsible,” said Frisch. But, he said, the plaintiff’s side contended “that Dr. Jimenez should have done something, whether it was get a consultation, get an imaging study—something.”

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