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CSKL’s Annual Risk Management Seminar for Design Professionals in Atlanta, GA – October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019 / Location: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Copeland, Stair, Kingma & Lovell’s Annual Atlanta Annual Risk Management Seminar for Architects and Engineers is today, beginning at 11:00 AM at the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Kent Stair, Tawny Mack and Casey Smartt alongside other Industry Professionals, presented the program Revit’d Up and Ready to Roll: Reining in Risk of the Digitally Rendered Project.  Broken up into three sessions, this program addressed the best practices for managing the risks generated by the use and distribution of digital data and BIM during the design and construction phases.  It also highlighted the contractual tools available to design professionals to refine the scope of digital service, allocate or shift liability, and responsibly share data.  Furthermore, this presentation informed insurance professionals in the best practices advising on and assessing liability for related projects.

For more information on this seminar or similar programs that we can bring to you, please contact Michelle Mattox.