Stephen J. Cohen

Partner / Atlanta

Steve is a partner in the Atlanta office of Copeland, Stair, Kingma & Lovell, LLP.  Steve’s experience prior to practicing law provides him with a unique perspective for representing motor carriers and their drivers in personal injury litigation. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice he worked as a police officer where he investigated numerous traffic accidents.  He then spent over seven years as a claims adjuster at a commercial automobile insurer while attending law school at night.  The combination of skills learned in law enforcement and insurance have proved valuable in defending lawsuits against commercial drivers, trucking companies, motor coaches, public school and municipal bus authorities, para-transit providers, limousine services, and their insurers.

In addition to representing the transportation industry, Steve has also defended law enforcement officers in civil rights cases.  His knowledge of the law and policies governing the conduct of law enforcement personnel in the line of duty allows him to represent police officers faced with claims of false arrest, excessive force, illegal searches and seizures, injury due to high-speed chases, and malicious prosecution.