The CLM’s 2017 Claims College, School of Transportation Takeaways

I had the pleasure of attending The CLM’s 2017 Claims College in Baltimore, MD in September 2017.  I was a student in the third level of CLM’s School of Transportation, which brings together Claims Professionals and Litigation Attorneys from all over the country to study and discuss current and emerging claims information.  Claims College was extremely beneficial, with programs presented by some of the industry’s most distinguished professionals.

Here are a few takeaways from 2017 Claims College, School of Transportation:

1. Recognition of trial strategies employed by claimant and plaintiff’s attorneys in bringing transportation claims early in claims examination will allow an insurer and/or trucking company to effectively defend against the claim throughout litigation.

2. Very early consideration of attempts to resolve transportation claims (before the claimant or claimant’s family retains legal representation) and early efforts to establish good will with the claimants, such as paying funeral costs is a good practice.

3. Response to lengthy and detailed preservation letters requires involvement of and communication between all company departments.